Welcome to PiyaSol !

PiyaSol is a Redmond, WA based an IT Consulting services to Hi-Tech clients and clients working on Technology solutions. PiyaSol provides unique client value with its consulting services focused on delivering actionable insights and measurable insights. With our global presence & experience, we deliver insights and help our client’s put those insights in action – then adapt and change.

PiyaSol enables its client’s performance, not just managing it. We strongly believe in value-add to all our clients and our team is sincerely committed to make that happen through our valuable services.

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“In the last 12 years, having worked throughout the software industry, this was, without question, the smoothest deployment I’ve ever been a part of. This is directly attributable to the Piyasol employees who engaged with us on design, development and deployment.” — Principal Program Manager Lead, Microsoft Corporation



“Piyasol is quick to listen to our issues and show us immediate resolution. I not only feel like I gained a company I can rely on, but truly know I have found caring professionals who act like a partner to make us successful.”   – Senior Manager, Amazon

“The greatest challenge was migrating our extensive training documents from legacy applications to Cloud (AWS). Strategic SaaS took the lead in this transition, exceeding our expectations every step of the way.”   — Senior Director, Kindle, Amazon