PiyaSol partnered with industry leaders and shipped several Cloud and Big Data technology solutions. PiyaSol is now ventured into shipping mobile products on Windows, iOS and Android.

  1. Donate Needy – Helping Hands

    “Donate Needy” empowers the charity for worthy cause, helps people to raise funds to fulfill their cause and supporting the society to overcome their issues.

    “Donate Needy” is designed to support multiple platforms like web browser, android, IOS, etc., and can be accessed globally to help the rural areas for a better stead. People can use this application to develop the remote areas.


    • Education
    • Medical Issues
    • Natural disasters
    • Donate Food, Clothes etc.
    • Supporting Poor Children in all possible way
    • Supporting elderly, old age homes
    • Supporting homeless and many more


  2. Play Math Tables App (Windows Store)

    “Play Math Tables” app provides fun and interactive way to learn math tables. Most kids have natural reluctance to memorize tables, and “Play Math Tables app offers simple and interactive approach to practice and learn 1 to 20 tables. This app is also useful for people of all ages to refresh their memory of math tables to improve recollection.
    Play Math Tables – Windows 8.x  App


    • Offers exercises from 1 to 20 tables
    • Table selection to practice difficult tables multliple times
    • Verification of responses against correct answers
    • Highlights incorrect responses for easy correction
    • Simple and interactive interface (works on all touch & non-touch enables computers)


    Visit the following link install ‘Play Math Tables’ App on Windows 8/8.1 OS.